Craniosacral Therapy Devon

Welcome to the Heart of Health

Craniosacral Therapy and Swedish Massage


in Ashburton and Totnes, South Devon


The Heart of Health lives within us all.

We can experience difficulty along our way in so many ways. Yet no matter what our age or state of health, our deepest resources are always present, underneath the layers of tension we carry. I am here to melt away these layers of tension and help you reconnect with yourself, your body, and your source of well-being.

I have busy therapy practices in South Devon at The Haven Health Clinic in Ashburton and Neal’s Yard Therapy Rooms in Totnes.

Feel free to contact me to book an appointment for either Craniosacral Therapy or Swedish Massage

Call Hannah on 07737 455608
Or email hannah@theheartofhealth.co.uk