Testimonials – Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy Testimonials


The sessions with Hannah have been a great support to me and have had a very positive impact on my emotional well-being. I feel this treatment has helped clear some difficult behavioural patterns which had previously been causing quite significant personal pain. Spending time with Hannah with her consistently warm, caring and kind approach and her obvious skills in this type of therapy has been very nourishing. I cannot recommend seeing Hannah highly enough.



I absolutely recommend Hannah as a therapist. I found her to be very warm, sensitive and intuitive as well as very competent. I felt really held and met, and found the therapy very effective. Hannah really gives a lot and I will definitely see her for more sessions!



Over a number of sessions I developed a sense of trust in Craniosacral Therapy and in Hannah’s ability to guide in a sensitive and skilled way the mysterious process of unfolding, opening and integration that this approach allows. Hannah is a wonderfully gentle, warm and insightful therapist. She facilitated a process of deep letting go of old knots and tensions held in my body and energy system opening the way to experiences of spaciousness, lightness and joy. I am very grateful for her help.