What CST is NOT!

What Craniosacral Therapy is NOT!

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is often misconstrued in a variety of ways. For example, people sometimes think it is a form of new age energy healing, or a form of head massage. I hope the following serves to clarify what Craniosacral therapy is NOT!

  • CST does not involve any physical manipulation, pressure or movement of your body. In this way it differs significantly from forms of massage, body work, physiotherapy /chiropractic / osteopathic treatment. Only gentle, light touch is necessary, and is therefore experienced as extremely non-invasive and respectful.
  • CST involves the whole body – not just the cranium (head) and sacrum (lower back). Contact can be made at any place on the body (for example: feet, legs, abdomen, shoulders, neck, arms) as appropriate. However, because CST recognises the importance of the central nervous system, the cranium and spine are very common and significant areas to work with.
  • Although CST could be described as a form of ‘energy medicine’ (i.e. it recognises not only the physical body but also the subtler levels of our being) it is not what is classically referred to as ‘energy healing’. The vital difference is that CST does not involve ‘channeling’ energy from some other place, frequency or dimension into your body in order to heal you. I only work with the inherent natural forces within your own mind-body system. I also do not call upon enlightened masters or angelic beings to help me. I use awareness and presence – i.e. ‘being with’ the conditions in your system in order to help them release. CST is very much about embodied sensory experience.
  • CST does not ‘fix’ you. I hold an attitude of acceptance and receptivity, which allows your system to come back into balance, and do what it needs to do to return to optimum health. But I am not in charge of this process – your system is empowered to make its own changes, as it knows itself much more intimately than I do, and knows what is best given the bigger picture.
  • CST does not involve catharsis (where you are encouraged to go into emotions and play them out in order to purify and release them), quite the opposite. Instead I encourage you to slow down, resource and breathe, so that any overwhelming emotions can pass through gently and easefully.