Until a child reaches 2 years old, they cannot fully differentiate their mother’s experience, and to an extent also their father’s experience, from their own. This means that any emotional or physical difficulties that, for example, a pregnant woman experiences, will have some influence on the embryo / foetus, and may impact development. If the woman is angry, the foetus may take this personally, to be about them, and this may result in confusion and suffering in the little one. This is no one’s fault – its just the way our physiology works. When we know this, awareness and communication can minimise impact, as little ones respond very well to soothing reassurance even when in the womb. It can be highly beneficial to talk to your child and help them differentiate between their own experience and what is happening for you, for example by letting them know “Its ok, I’m feeling angry, but its not about you. You don’t need to worry.”

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