I am continually staggered at the depth and breadth of early imprinting… imprinting which comes largely from interpretation of experience as having a particular meaning. Recently I received a Craniosacral therapy session, and found myself face to face, quite literally, with my heart. My face was pulling away, my heart felt sad, and I commented to my therapist ‘I don’t think my face likes my heart’. I wanted to heal this relationship, to ask the face to reconcile, so the heart could feel received, loved, wanted. My therapist commented: ‘This reminds me of the developmental stage in the womb, when the face – which has been growing right on top of the heart – begins to move away and the spine straightens’. I spontaneously began to laugh – this is a natural, important, and very timely transition! And yet my heart had interpreted this developmental event as being personal, as being ‘about me’, as a reflection of not being loved… an interpretation I can see reflected back at me in countless ways in my life. And it simply is not true!

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