My Approach

My Approach to Swedish Massage

The massage every therapist offers is unique. The style of massage I offer involves fluid, flowing massage techniques that are integrative and connective, bringing about a deep sense of well-being. I combine this with an intuitive ‘listening’ to the specific needs of your body physiology to work through the layers of tension and holding, using gentle yet direct and sustained pressure (called Trigger Point massage) to the ‘knots’ held in the muscle tissues.

It is my intention to ‘meet’ the stress and strain held in your body in order to assist its release and the movement back to health. I embody a gentle, nurturing presence and have an attitude of care and attention which responds to your individual needs, rather than forcing, ‘fixing’, or imposing.


Sometimes clients request deeper pressure, thinking this will do more work in less time. However, the body often responds better to a more sensitive approach whereby muscle tension is eased away without causing discomfort. There is a difference between what I call ‘good pain’ and ‘bad pain’. ‘Good pain’ has a sense of relief, release and satisfaction to it, and is essentially pleasant. ‘Bad pain’ causes the body to contract to protect the area and may in fact make the condition worse. I aim to ‘surf the edge’ between the two, so that you get maximum results, and therefore I encourage clients to let me know if pressure is ever too strong or too fast, or I cause discomfort in any way.