What Happens in a Session?

What Happens in a Session?

At the initial consultation we discuss your reasons for coming for massage and I ask you a little about your current state of health and medical history, so that any contraindications are highlighted. Anything you tell me is held in complete confidentiality. You can choose between a range of Neal’s Yard Organic aromatic massage oils to suit your mood.

I then leave the room so that you can remove your clothing (all except your lower underwear, but including bra*) and you lie on the massage couch covered with clean, warm towels. I then return to the room and make sure you are comfortable before proceeding with the massage.

During the massage your modesty is maintained at all times, and I only uncover and work with one area at a time. During a full body massage (60 or 90 mins) I generally start with the backs of your legs before moving on to your back. I then ask you to turn over, helping to keep the towels in place for you, and make sure you are comfortable. I then massage the fronts of your legs and feet, your arms and hands, and finish with your shoulders, neck, head and face. For 90 min massages I can also include a gentle non- invasive stomach massage (great for digestive issues) or work with specific areas more deeply, which is highly beneficial for chronic or acute aches and pains. I highly recommended having this extra time – once you’ve had 90 min massages there’s no going back!

After the massage I again leave the room to let you get dressed. There is then a short amount of time for you to give me any feedback, ask any questions and to discuss the outcome of the treatment.

How many sessions?

Swedish Massage aims to return you to a state of fluidity, suppleness and deep relaxation. Depending on your state of health, one session may be sufficient, however often people feel inspired to enjoy regular massage treatments to work with those deeper held tensions and to help maintain their physical and emotional health. Clients coming with chronic pain need to be aware that multiple treatments may be required to resolve the presenting issue. Feel free to discuss your personal circumstance with me before booking an appointment.

*If you prefer to keep other items of clothing on, this is of course respected, however this may restrict the massage techniques that can be applied. Please discuss with me if you are in any way concerned.